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Monday, April 18, 2016

Nonfiction Books

We have finished our All About books. They were a huge project for us that began with research and ended with putting that research together in a nonfiction book. Be sure to watch our Kidblog page as we will be adding ShowMes about our books there soon for you to see and share with family members. (Click on the pictures to see a larger version.)

If you take a look at our books, you will see:

Eye-Catching Covers
All About hummingbirds
All About Deer
All About Lemurs
Helpful features like a Table of Contents
Detailed Illustrations
Illustrations with Captions and Word in Bold Print
Fun Facts
About the Author pages

Important Dates
4/21 Crew Performance of "The Empty Pot" at 3:30 pm
4/22 No School ~ Comp Day for Teachers
5/11 Student-Led Conference for First Grade
5/30 No School ~ Memorial Day
6/1 Last Day of School ~ Nooooo!

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