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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Reading Graphic Novels and More!

What a fantastic day! So many great things happened! It was a lovely first day back after a break. One of the very cool things that happened was that we went back to the carpet to do a math lesson and someone (or rather several someones) asked me to read one of the new graphic novels that I brought in from the library to the crew - they were sitting on the easel. I explained that graphic novels weren't the kind of book that I could hold up and read aloud to a large group very easily because of the smaller pictures and all of the speech bubbles. But I did take a detour away from our math lessong to go through the books and show them how graphic novels worked and how you read them using frame by frame reading, looking closely at each picture and noticing who is speaking in each speech bubble. After going through the selection of books, one student raised his hand and asked if they could please just look at the books on their own right then. So I pretended that I had to think hard to make this decision and then agreed. These photos and video below show just how engaged the crew was in these books. They read for over 45 minutes - all of them and there were absolutely no quarrels over any of the books - they just shared. Oh, how I love this crew. I ran down to the library and invited Ms. Diana to come and read with us for a little while, too. She loved the books, too. (Note: We will have our math lesson tomorrow. Sometimes you just have to go with the needs of the crew in the moment!)

We also got some great gifts today. Grace did some spring cleaning and cleaned out some of her bookshelves and brought in a few books to donate to our classroom library. Thanks Grace! Ellison, a current third grader at our school and former student of mine, also did some cleaning over break and brought in a large basket of books to donate to our classroom library. Kids from our crew were pulling books out of the basket to read them as soon as the basket touched the floor in our room. Thank you, Ellison! Several other students brought in gifts today, too. I got some beautiful flowers, a fantastic sea turtle bookmark (to go along with the book on sea turtles that I am writing as an example for the crew), some coins from Belize to add to our coin collection from around the world and a poster about prefixes and suffixes for our wall. The crew was thinking about each other over break and knew that these gifts would be so appreciated. We have an amazing crew!

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