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Friday, May 20, 2016

3-Act Math Lessons

I follow lots of math teachers on Twitter and learn about many new ways to teach math from them. (I also follow teachers of other content areas, too.) One of the ideas I was interested in was something called 3-Act Math Lessons. I had seen many examples of teachers using this format for a math lesson in middle and high school and knew that it would be great in elementary school, too. I just never took the time to write/film one for our crew. Then one day I ran across a site that had 3-Act Math Lessons that were written for elementary school (K-6). Someone had written some and shared them. Now I had to try one. Last Friday we did our first one and the crew loved it. We tried the Cookie Monster problem and they all got so involved in trying to figure out the problem and situation. They actually broke out into applause when we got to act three - the conclusion or the resolution of the problem. I will definitely do more of these and will try and find the time to write some of my own. The links to the problem that we did last Friday and the one that we did today are below:

The Cookie Monster

The Juggler

These are the types of problems that you can do with your child over the summer. These types of situations pop up all the time in our daily lives. We just need to take advantage of them and use them to talk about math with our kids.

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