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Saturday, May 21, 2016

And They Read Happily Ever After...

Before school starts the crew always browses through bins of books that I bring in from the library. Last Friday I looked over and noticed how deeply engage they were with their books so I just let them continue to read. They all read for just about an HOUR! (55 minutes to be exact) It was the perfect way to start our day. When kids have books that they love they will read and read and read! I also heard them really discussing the characters in the Dragon Masters series. I love that this conversation happened all on it's own and that it was so deep and intent. Look at their intent and happy faces in the pictures below.

They even made lists of titles that they want to continue reading over the summer!

Here are the books that were in our classroom on Friday. I am bringing in more on Monday. They ask me to get more and I can never, ever say no to books. Check out the books in the photos below and ask your child which ones he or she likes best. There is a wide range of levels here so if you end up with a book that is too challenging for your child, turn that one into your family read aloud. Put some on hold at the library today or drop by and pick some up. I will update you on the books that I get from the library this weekend to bring in on Monday.

These books from the Scholastic Branches series are the most popular by far!
Updated to included these books:

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