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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Bonus blog post

We had an amazing day today - so amazing that it merits a bonus blog post or two! To start our day we had some 5th graders come and share their presentations about energy with us - sorry, no photos of this. Most importantly we got to visit the second grade teachers in their classrooms today. It was very exciting!
This is Ms. Jennifer.

This is Ms. Dana.

We also got to meet Ms. Wendy's friend, Ms. Nadelle. Ms. Nadelle is deaf and she teaches American Sign Language at Castle View High School. She helps Ms. Wendy keep up her sign language skills. We could tell that they are good friends by watching them sign with each other. Ms. Nadelle taught us a new game that helps hearing students learn to improve skills that deaf students have to practice all the time - vision and paying close attention. We all had a great time playing the elephant game. We also enjoyed showing her some of the signs we have learned and asking her to teach us new signs.  What a great experience for us all! Thanks for sharing your friend with us, Ms. Wendy!

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