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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Crew Discussions

As we near the end of the year, our crew discussions have become so much more complex and interesting. Below are brief summaries of two recent discussions that we had.

Quirks - In this discussion I was pointing out that everyone has quirks and unique things about their personality. We agreed that we need to be understanding of each others' quirks and that we want other others to be understanding of our quirks. We discussed how quirks can just be fun, interesting things that we each do but that if we do them too much they can become annoying to others. We really talked about the fine line between those two situations and when we need to simply be understanding and when we need to ask someone to stop doing something because it is annoying us. After sharing my quirks and having Ms. Wendy sharing her quirks, some of the crew still thought that they didn't have any quirks. I assured them that they did and they asked me to go around the circle and tell each of them about one of their quirks. They were surprised that I could do it and they loved how accurate I was. We will always need to work on being more understanding of others but this conversation was a big step in the right direction.

Bittersweet Endings - The second grade teachers have been popping in to visit and observe a little bit lately and our crew has noticed. This brought up the discussion about the school year ending and moving on to second grade. Many of the crew expressed sadness about this but also excitement. So we learned the word bittersweet. They all agreed that this is how they were feeling. I reassured them that they were all ready for second grade, that it would feel a little bit sad to move on but that it would mostly be exciting and that it is normal to think your current teacher is your favorite or the best. This last one was really bothering them. I think they were worried about being disloyal to me if they like their new teacher. I explained that I like all of the second grade teachers and that I really hope they like them as much as I do. They will need to bond with their new teacher in order to maximize their learning and I want to help them do this. We visited the second grade classrooms in order to help our crew feel more comfortable.

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