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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Books, Books, Books

I brought in some new collections of books from the Douglas County Public Library for the kids to read and explore. These are books that are just right for very beginning readers. We recently fell in love with books by David Shannon (the No, David series), Jan Thomas and Jeremy Tankard. These were extremely funny books that were just right for almost all of us but they had to be returned. (Even those students who can read much more challenging books enjoyed the humor in those books.) Now we have lots of new books that are just right or just a little bit challenging for us and most of them are very, very funny, too. So if you are needing suggestions for great books at your next library trip, check out some of these books. These books will help you make reading fun and enjoyable for your child. (While these books are mostly easy to read, we will never say that - just like we don't want to label children, we don't want to label books. We will just say that they are fun to read or that they are great stories!)

For lots more great book suggestions, visit my Pinterest Boards that have lots and lots of ideas - you don't have to have a Pinterest account to access these boards. Once on a board at Pinterest, if you click on a book twice (the first click will just make it appear larger) you will be taken directly to the Douglas County Public Library site for that book and can put it on hold to pick up later. What a fast and easy way to gather great books for you to read with your child!

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