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Monday, September 12, 2016


One day I asked the crew what the biggest difference between kindergarten and first grade was and after we talked about having fewer recesses in first grade, they said that we do more math in first grade. I thought I would share with you some of the things that we have been working on in math so far this year:
  • writing the numbers correctly and neatly
  • counting by 2s
  • counting by 5s
  • making tally marks
  • what comes before and after a number
  • one more, one less
  • counting on a number line
  • getting information from a data chart (like a tally mark chart)
  • what are calendars and timelines
  • grouping items to make them easier to count
  • solving number stories (word problems)
  • counting on a number grid
  • counting on from a number (start at 6 and count up 4 ~ 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)
  • complements of 10 (5 and 5, 6 and 4, 7 and 3, and so on)
  • how to use a calculator
  • explaining our thinking to others and listening to their ideas
  • subitizing (earlier post about that here)
The next two weeks we will be learning about:
  • telling time to the hour
  • comparing lengths of objects
  • pennies - how do you know it is a penny and how much is it worth
  • nickels - how do you know it is a nickel and how much is it worth
  • counting the value groups of pennies and nickels (counting by 5s, counting on from a number and using tally marks will help us with this)
  • writing number models using +, -, =  (5+6=11, 6-4=2, etc.)
  • more on reading a data chart and graphs
Feel free to talk with your child about any or all of these topics as they come up in your daily life. That is the best way to learn about many of them.

Also, some of the crew really needs to practice writing numbers (and numbers) so any extra practice they can do at home is great. Ask them to write their numbers and see if your child needs more practice. Fun ways to do this include:
  • write them in chalk on the driveway
  • use a clean paintbrush and paint them with water on the driveway or sidewalk
  • use special/fancy pens, markers, crayons and paper
  • write them on a whiteboard, chalkboard or magnetic board (MagnaDoodle)
  • have them write a number on your back with their finger and you guess what they are writing, then change places and you write on their back or you can write on each others' palms, too
  • have them write them in the air with their finger
It is normal for students to be writing some numbers and letters backwards at this point in the year. We are starting to work on that and point out to them that they have some numbers and letters that they need to "fix". The earlier they correct this the easier it is to correct.

Important Dates
9/23 No School - Professional Development Day for Teachers
9/30 Renaissance Challenge Day (formerly called Boot Camp)
10/3 - 10/17 Fall Break
10/19 Crew Pictures and Individual Re-Takes
11/8 No School - Professional Development for Teachers
11/14 - 11/18 Book Fair
11/23 - 11/25 Thanksgiving Break
12/19 - 1/3 Winter Break  

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