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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Skyping with Mrs. Price's Class in Australia

We had a very busy day and lots of schedule changes. We had to live our other motto of "go with flow like seaweed in the ocean" many times. But we all did a great job handling all of the changes.

Now that daylight saving is in effect, we can Skype with Mrs. Price's class in Australia. We have one hour of overlap in our days - our last hour of school is their first hour Their school year is almost over - it ends on our winter break. They are excited for summer while we are getting ready for winter. In February when they come back to school, Mrs. Price will have a whole new class. Thanks Ms. Jen for helping try to get a few photos during this crazy time.


  1. Thank you for Skyping with us. We loved meeting you! Did it snow last night? We wonder if Castle Rock has the big star lit up on it this year?

  2. It did snow last night but just a few inches. It is very, very cold today. Yes the big star is lit up on Castle Rock now. I will email you a picture.