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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Math Routines

To help get our minds ready to think about math problems each day we begin our math block with a math routine. I follow lots of fantastic math teachers on Twitter and gather up all of their great ideas and adapt them for our crew. Twitter is a great place for teachers to learn and share with each other. Here are the math routines that we do each day:

Make It Close Monday
Tantalizing Tuesday
Which One Wednesday
Thoughtful Thursday
Figure It Out Friday

On Make It Close Monday we look at a large collection of items and try to estimate how many items there are in the collection. Usually we use objects from around our classroom but sometimes we use the website, Estimation 180, and look at some of their photos of collections. We always ask what estimate would be too low for our collections and what estimate would be too high for our collections and then we give our estimates. Then we count the objects (by 1s, 2s, 5s, or 10s) and pause periodically to adjust our estimates as we see how the count is coming along.

On Tantalizing Tuesday we look at growth patterns and try to figure out what would come next in the pattern or series of drawings. Often we use our blocks to set this up but sometimes we use the website, Visual Patterns, and work on some of their patterns. Sometimes we use blocks to help us, sometimes we use drawings and sometimes we use words. 

On Which One Wednesday we look at a set of four related pictures and decide which one doesn't belong and why. We have figured out now that there is always more than one answer to these problems and we love to try and think of as many as we can. I gather many photos from the Which One Doesn't Belong website.

On Thoughtful Thursday we try and solve what might be called word problems. We have a wide variety of stories in these problems and find them interesting. We use counters, models, pictures and manipulatives to help us solve these problems. We begin by trying the problem on our own, then we work with our table group and finally we talk about the problem as a whole crew. We might also try a 3-Act Task on these days, too.

On Figure It Out Friday we do what we call a number talk or a number string. Number talks can include using dot images or tens frames to solve addition and subtraction problems. After we have all had some time to think about it, we share out what we have been thinking. We listen to how other students solve the problems and get ideas from each other. These problems are usually done mentally and without any counters, paper or manipulative other than the representation in the original problem. 


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