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Monday, February 13, 2017

Body Breaks

Recently, Calvin came to me with an idea for body break. It was a good one so I asked him to lead our body break time rather than me. He was excited. His idea was to combine learning with a body break by having the crew get out their notebooks and walk around the room to gather ideas to write about during our next Writer's Workshop. (You can see why I loved his idea.) The crew loved doing this and I just sat back and watched them wander around and jot notes. I enjoyed it so much that I didn't think to take a picture. I am sure that you can guess what happened after that - everyone in the crew had a great idea for a body break. So we created a sign up sheet and kids who wanted to lead a body break signed up.

So far 3 kids have led our body breaks. I did remember to take a couple of pictures when Michael created a math version of our Eagles and Snakes game and when Connor taught the crew to make all of the letters of the alphabet with their bodies. Ask your child what his or her idea is for their turn to lead our body break.

Important Dates
2/17 No school for students - Professional Development Day
2/20 No school - President's Day
2/23 Winter Voyage for 1st grade - one day only, not an overnight trip, no day of rest needed
3/20 - 4/3 Spring Break

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