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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Nonfiction books

We have been reading lots of nonfiction books and learning about all of their various features like headings, captions, bold print, fact boxes, glossaries, indexes and more. We will soon begin to write our own nonfiction books. We are in the research phase right now. Below are a few of the books I brought in from the public library for us to use as one source. We will also be using some online sources and apps to gather more facts about our animals. Do you know what animal your child is researching?

Check out the series below. They are perfect for first graders - accessible text, beautiful photographs and fascinating facts. Check some out on your next trip to the public library - there are many, many more. When is doubt look for author Kate Riggs - she has many nonfiction books on many topics including things other than animals. Below each series is a photo of the text inside each type of book so you can get an idea of what they look like.

Amazing Animals series by Kate Riggs

Bullfrog Books series

Big Beasts series by Stephanie Turnbull

Seedlings series by Kate Riggs

National Geographic Kids series

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