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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Random (But Great!) Pictures and Videos

Below are a few random pictures and videos. If you get this post by email, you need to click through to the blog to watch the short little videos - they are worth the click. Enjoy.
Connor shares his tally chart about how many students in the crew wear glasses and how many don't

Calvin using his writer's notebook to keep track of his good ideas.

Climbing on the bouldering wall in the gym.
Kalyn was so excited about this game that she ran to tell Ms. Meghan all about it. Ms. Meghan asked if she could tell the story again on video to share with all of you.

Lis is also using her notebook to keep track of great words and ideas. The crew is seeing Ms. Meghan carrying around a notebook and they want to be writers just like her.

So many cool things happened today and I am running out of steam so I won't be adding notes and captions to the videos below except to say that the crew is so inspired to keep a notebook. This is so good for them - any type of writing practice is fantastic. If they ask for a notebook at home, I would jump at the chance. Drawing, writing, making lists - everything helps. They are so worth your time to view and see.

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