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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Welcome Back Crew!

Dear Crew,

I have missed you so much! I can't wait to see all of you on Tuesday and hear all about your adventures over spring break! Be thinking about what you will share during our whole crew Lightning Share time on Tuesday.

We have so many exciting things coming up in these last 2 months of school. Let me tell you about just a couple of those things.

First we will go on our Spring Voyage to Castlewood Canyon to hike and rock climb. While I love all of our Voyages, this is my very favorite one. I think you will like it, too. Here is a sneak peek of some photos from last year.

Plus, we will be starting our new Science Expedition called, "Down to Earth". We will be planting the school garden and so much more during this Expedition. I am keeping the rest of this Expedition a surprise so no pictures.

We will be learning many new things in reading, writing and math. You will have some exciting choices to make about what you want to write about. I won't give it all away now but maybe you can figure it out by scrolling through the pictures of the library books that I have checked out and loaded into my trunk to bring in to school. Use your best thinking and I bet you can figure at least part of it out.

Someone in our crew requested more books in this series. I won't mention any names but I think Delaney is going to be very happy. I bet some others will, too.

Our next crew read alouds. I can't wait!

Some new chapter books that I heard about.

More new chapter books that I heard about.

New books for our listening station. Don't these look great?

Books by one of our favorite authors including 2 new ones.

Books to inspire us.

Fantastic wordless books! Such great stories!

More books that are just for fun. Wait, aren't all books fun? 

I went on a trip with my family to visit colleges that my daughter is thinking about going to and I spent lots and lots of time reading good books and resting with my dog.

Resting with my dog the night I got home from my trip. (My second selfie ever - see you just keep on learning no matter how old you get!)
I can't wait to see you on Tuesday. Enjoy your day tomorrow. See you soon!

Ms. Jill

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