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Tuesday, May 16, 2017


We have been doing a big year end review of all of the phonics we have learned this year. It has been very helpful since many of us are at a different stage of reading/writing/spelling than we were when we first learned some of the concepts. We are seeing them in new ways because of this - Oh, I can use this when I am writing not just when I am reading!" We are also using short video clips from nessy.com and The Electric Company television show from PBS (many of these videos feature Lin-Manuel Miranda) to make this more fun. The crew loves the videos from both sources. They are singing them at random times throughout our day. Hopefully this will help them remember these skills and use them when they are reading, writing and spelling from now on. The Nessy videos are all gathered in one place but the Electric Company videos aren't. They are still easy to find by searching. Below are some links to some of the clips we have used that you might want to use at home with your child or when you are on a road trip or in an airport or at a doctor's office or waiting for your meal in a restaurant or...

Nessy Reading Strategy Videos
Nessy Spelling Strategy Videos
Electric Company Videos
Electric Company Videos - with Lin-Manuel Miranda

Electric Company Website - this site has full episodes of the show, video clips and games that support word work and math but the games are not as content driven as the videos

Nessy Apps - We have a couple of these on our ipads at school and the crew really like them. We got the 2 we have when they were having a promotion and they were free. They are now paid apps.

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