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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Easing Back Into Our Routine

We had a great day! We have eased slowly back into our school routine. We began the day with a long sharing time so that we could all share a little bit out our breaks. The photographs were so helpful for that part of the day. Thank you for taking the time to send them in - I know that it added one more thing to your "to do" list but we appreciate it.

Then we did an activity called Book Speed Dating. We got out 25 bins of books and put them out on the tables. We had just a minute to take a look at the books in the bin in front of us before the bell rang and we had to move on to the next bin. Everyone found lots of books that they wanted to read and add to our take home bins. There was lots of sharing, reading and moving around - a great way to get back into the school routine.

We decided to put our winter break photos in a book rather than cutting them out and putting them up on the wall. We have already read it several times and will put it on our browsing shelf so we can all read it during Exploration Station time.

On our way back from lunch we passed the police officer assigned to our school and he struck up a conversation with some of the crew. We invited him into our classroom and he stayed for a while answering lots and lots of our questions. The crew also let him know that some of you (I won't name names) don't always wear your seatbelts and that some of you text while you drive. You will probably hear all about that tonight. :)

Later in the day, we got a package delivered from Mrs. Price's class in Australia. It contained a calendar and book for our classroom, a beautiful t-shirt for me and stickers for each crew member. It was such a surprise - for all of us. Thank you Mrs. Price and class! We love it all!

All of that a lots of reading, writing and math, too. We had one problem, though. We had too many books that we wanted to read in one day - a very good problem to have. We had to vote on our stack of new books to decide which one to read today. We choose to read Rosie Revere, Engineer and Shark Lady - excellent books about two very different kinds of scientists. We loved them.

Finally at the end of the day, Landon shared his published book. The crew was in awe. They all wanted to touch the pages because they were so shiny (they were color photocopies). They also loved the clear front cover, black back cover and the binding. They kept saying that it looked just like a real book. Landon and the crew all loved it.

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