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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fall Break is Almost Over!

Dear Crew,

Fall Break is almost over. I have really missed you and I can't wait to see you on Tuesday! I hope you have had some great adventures and spent lots of time outside in the beautiful fall weather. I went on a trip to Florida to visit my parents and then came home and spent lots of time walking and reading. I love crunching in the fallen leaves. Don't you?

We have so many things coming up when we get back to school. We will be starting the second case study or part of our Family Expedition and we will have some great fieldwork to do for that! The Halloween costume parade is coming soon, too. We also have 3 birthdays to celebrate next week. It is going to be lots of fun.

I have been gathering our new sets of books from the public library and thought I would show you some of them so you had something to look forward to on Tuesday morning. Take a look at the new books we will have to read when we get back.

These books are by author/illustrator Marla Frazee. She has some that are very funny and some that are very beautiful. I love the book called "Stars". Simeon's older brother, Asher, loved the booked called "A Couple of Boys Have the Best Week Ever" and read it over and over again when he was in first grade.

 These books are by Mac Barnett. I have only read one of them and I can't wait to read the rest of them with you all. I heard him give a talk about writing books and it was so good that I had to go get all of his books that I could find. I am still waiting for his newest book called "Sam and Dave Dig a Hole".

 I heard about this series called Ordinary People Change the World and I wanted to try it. It is about some people you may have heard of and want to know more about. I know I do.

 One of my all time favorite books is "Memoirs of a Goldfish" (I know, I say that about lots of books.) I can't remember if I have read it to you all yet or not but I bet I have since I love it so much. Anyway, I have been waiting and waiting for "Memoirs of a Hamster" and now I have it! I will wait just a little longer to read it so I can read it with you all. Maybe this will be the first one we read on Tuesday so I don't have to wait any longer!

This book has lots of amazing numbers about animals in it. It is fascinating to read and it has great pictures, too.

Here is one page from the book "Lifetime" with a fact about snakes. Hmm, I wonder if anyone from our crew will love this page about snakes. I kind of think so.

All of these books will be waiting for you on Tuesday morning along with the 86 new books that we got in our book order that we never had time to go through because we were so busy with Boot Camp and collecting cans. We will have time when we get back, though, and there are lots of great books in that collection, too.

I can't wait to see you all and hear all about your Fall Break adventures. I hope you found some great leaves to look at. Maybe you have a favorite one that you can bring in for our nature shelf.

 Ms. Jill

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