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Saturday, August 25, 2012


On our recent Fall Voyage, many of us were plagued by allergy symptoms. The hike around this lake was the very worst spot. So many were miserable (including me) that I went and found this silly poem that I wrote a couple of years ago about my allergy symptoms at this time of year. I wanted to share this with the crew to show that almost anything can be a writing topic - even allergies.

by Jill Fisch

My eyes are puffy,
My nose is stuffy,

I sneeze and sneeze and sneeze.

Oh, just what is a girl to do
But sit around and say achoo.

The weeds, the seeds,
They do not care about my needs.

They drift around on a gentle breeze,
Unaware that they make me wheeze.

These weeds of summer can tease and tease
And often bring me to my knees.

While I just wait, oh please, oh please,
For the coming of Fall and the next hard freeze.

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