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Monday, February 3, 2014


We started a new unit in reading about envisioning. This means creating pictures in your mind as you read. Most of us do this without thinking about it until a book is about to be turned into a movie and then we often have strong opinions (positive and negative) about the actors chosen to play the main characters. Making pictures or movies in our minds as we read really helps develop our comprehension. It makes us pay more attention to the details as our mind works to create these mental images. To help the crew begin to create these mental images, we will begin reading a "chapter book" that has very few pictures. This will force us to really listen and concentrate on the words being read to follow along with the story. The first book we will read is a very short book called, "Andy Shane and the Very Bossy Delores Starbuckle" (Yes, I know that titles should be underlined but in online writing, underlining means that you are linking to something so common usage is to often to use quotation marks around titles of books.)

While many in our crew are ready to read chapter books on their own, many are not quite there yet. So if your child falls in love with the books we will be reading in class, check it out and see if they can read and UNDERSTAND what they are reading. If so, let them have at it. If not, use these books as part of your nightly read aloud until they are ready. Once I begin reading a few different books that are from different series, the children usually want to dive right into the whole series. Be ready for the sudden change in reading habits. It is a fun time!

Reading ~ Read a good book or two.
Math ~ Home Link 6.1 Finding Addition Sums

Important Dates
2/12/14 All School Meeting - 9am  - led by our crew
2/13/14 Valentine's Day party - 2:45 pm - everyone is invited
2/14/14 No School ~ Professional Development Day for Teachers
2/17/14 No School ~ President's Day
2/27/14 Winter Voyage to Douglas County Outdoor Education Center
2/28/14 Day of Rest

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