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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Fall Voyage

Our Fall Voyage was wonderful! We had perfect weather with just one brief rain shower. The Jaguars and Star Wars Pikachus patrol groups had a great time, challenged themselves and learned so much.  Be sure to ask your child all about the skits and songs that our camp leaders performed for us. Of course, while they loved all of the activities, they also loved riding the bus and sleeping in the cabins.

Here is a link to our crew photo album which has lots of photos from our Voyage and then below the link are descriptions of the activities that we did during our Voyage:

Highlights for the Crew
  • Riding the big yellow school bus
  • Sleeping on bunk beds in the cabins
  • Skits at the campfire - yes, two actors did spit lots and lots of water on each other
  • Obstacle Course
  • Hike around the Lake
Highlights for the Teachers
  •  No one got sick
  • This year's crew set the record for going to bed on time and not getting up too early.
  • Not losing Lambie. We thought we lost a stuffed lamb named Lambie but it turns out he stayed home and didn't come to camp.
  • Watching the kids help each other out so often and being so kind to each other.
  • Watching them play carpet ball - they love this game!
  • There was very little crying.
  • Two teeth were lost and only one of them was never found. The other one came home in  a baggie.

Why do we have a Fall Voyage?

We have a Fall Voyage for many reasons.

  • We take voyages to push students just a little bit out of their comfort zone. Real learning occurs when you are pushed out of your comfort zone and are challenged to try things you have not done before. For some first graders the biggest challenge is simply being away from home for a night and learning that they can trust other adults and themselves. For others the challenge is being responsible for themselves and their gear instead of counting on mom or dad to keep track of everything. Most are challenged in some way by the activities of the voyage. They must learn to work together, show perseverance when trying to find solutions to challenging problems, push themselves physically, and start to show independence in an age-appropriate manner.
  • I love the voyages because I get to see the students in a completely different environment and see other strengths that they have that might not show up in a classroom.
  • The voyages are also a great place for the students to practice the character traits that we have been working so hard to learn in class. Students also bring back some of the confidence and new skills that they learned on the trip and are able to apply them to academic learning.
  • We also all form tight bonds as a crew and are able to work very well together for the rest of the school year.

What did we do at Camp Elim?

In addition to eating, sleeping, packing, unpacking and taking care of ourselves, we also had time for some learning and some fun. Listed below are the activities we did along with a very short description.

Initiatives (Problem Solving Challenges)
Bag It – This activity had us choosing a rock and then finding the rock we put in the bag (can) while blindfolded. We learned to use other senses rather than simply rely on sight to gather clues and make decisions.

Camouflage Hide and Seek - A unique version of hide and seek that can be played in a wooded area. We learned about predators and prey in this fun game.

Nature Hunt at the Lake - This was a beautiful walk around a lake. We were challenged to really look at and listen to what was around us. We had a list of things to look for and check off as we found them.

Web of Life - During this activity, we learned about a variety of plants and their dependence on each other while on a short hike around the camp.

Recreational Activities

Alphabet Hike - At the beginning of this hike, we were each given a sticky note with a letter of the alphabet on it. During the hike we had to look for things that started with that letter of the alphabet.

Obstacle Course – There were several physical challenges at this station. This activity was a huge hit with the crew.

Solo Time – This was combined with another turn at the obstacle course. The kids chose spots within a set boundary and they sat by themselves just thinking, reflecting, writing or drawing about the Voyage and what they had learned.

Games - There were several fun running and very active games that were played indoors. This is where we had the most injuries - falls, bonked heads, etc. All were minor, though

Thank You Chaperones!
We had a fantastic group of chaperones this year and we so appreciate their time and help on this Voyage. We couldn't have done it without them! Thanks to:
Ms. Ki (Skylar's mom)
Ms. Karen (Lily's mom)
Ms. Jen (Tyler's mom)
Mr. Ryan (Trig's dad)
Mr. Ronnie (Evyn's dad)
Mr. Scott (Delaney's dad)
Mr. Dan (Nicholas' dad)

We are Crew!

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  1. Your voyage looks so exciting. We loved reading about all the things you did too. We are finding our buddies in the photos.Hello to you all from Australia.