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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Math Games

Last week we reviewed a game that the crew learned in Kindergarten called Number Squeeze. The object of the game is to guess the leader's number. After each guess the leader tells whether his or her number is higher or lower than the guess until the range is narrowed down and the number can be guessed. This game gave us a chance to review old skills, learn new skills (as we increased the difficulty level of the game this year) and practice leadership skills. We will continue to play this game over the next few weeks until more students have a leadership opportunity.

This week we learned a game called Line Them Up. For this game you take turns drawing number cards from a pile and then estimating about where they should go on a blank number line (in this case, a piece of yarn). We also learned a game using our coin bags and dice. For now, it is just a counting game - rolling the dice, getting that many pennies and counting your total number of pennies. Soon we will add more coins to this game and learn about the values of each coin. Feel free to play these games at home with your child.

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