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Monday, November 3, 2014

Creating Performances About Our Learning

Last week we read some articles about daily life in various parts of China. We were divided into groups and each group had a different article. After we read our articles we discussed them with our group and then began to make a plan on how to teach the rest of the crew what we learned by acting out the activities we read about without talking. On performance day, we went out to the amphitheater and each group took a turn on the stage acting out the things they learned in their article. When they we done, the audience guessed what each group acted out. We learned a lot while planning and performing: close reading, reading pictures, collaborating with a group, creating a performance and interesting facts about daily life for families in China.

Reading ~ Read a good book or two.
Math ~ Home Link 3.12 Counting Coins and Home Link 3.13 Favorite Colors

Math Test on Thursday, topics include:  sums of ten, Frames and Arrows diagrams, counting collections of dimes, nickels and pennies, completing patterns, and telling time to the half hour

Let me know by Wednesday morning if you are interested in chaperoning either or both or our fieldwork experiences coming up in December. I will let you know on Wednesday evening who was selected to go with us. There are still some slots available.

Important Dates
11/4 No School ~ Professional Development for Teachers (I have jury duty - hopefully for just one day)
11/17-11/21 Book Fair
11/26-11/28 No School ~ Thanksgiving
12/5 Fieldwork to Joyous Chinese Cultural Center
12/19 Fieldwork to Pacific Ocean Market and King's Land Restaurant
12/22 - 1/5 Winter Break
2/26 Winter Voyage ~ Day 1 - not an overnight trip (Day 2 will be in April - also not an overnight trip)

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