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Monday, November 17, 2014

Getting to Know Our Friends from Australia

Today was a great day! We really feel more connected to our friends in Australia now. We received a package of gifts from them as I am sure that you all know by now since the crew was so excited about them. The package contained: clip-on koalas (enough for one for each of our crew), a flag, stickers, a book, a calendar, kangaroo counters, vegemite, a kangaroo pen, coins, and notes and brochures about their school. It also contained two gifts for me from Mrs. Price: an echindna ornament and two stuffed koalas. The package arrived while we were practicing measuring and we opened it right away. It was very exciting.

Then as if that wasn't exciting enough, later in the day some of us got to Skype individually with our buddy from Australia. We talked mostly about pets but were able to ask any other questions we had.  About half of us (or a bit more than half) got to chat with our buddy. Next Monday, we will have another chance for the rest of the crew to chat with their buddy.

Here we are wearing our new clip-on koalas on our fingers right before we left to go home. We were excited but very quiet in this picture because Madison was still Skyping with her buddy at the time. I love this! I get just as excited as the crew about connecting with our friends in Australia. In January, a girl from their class will be visiting our school while she is traveling around the United States during her summer vacation. We can't wait to meet her in person.

After  school I got the picture below from Mrs. Price. It shows some parrots sitting outside their window while we were all Skyping. I will have to show the crew tomorrow.

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