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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Adding Two-Digit Numbers

In math today, we were introduced to addition of two-digit numbers. We did this by using our base-10 blocks. We created silly stories about animals and how much they would weigh together. Then we represented the weight of each animals with base-10 blocks and added the blocks together. We did not focus on the regular math notation for this yet but. We are working on building a deep understanding of place value and how addition works and then we will learn how to write it in symbols (25 + 36 = 61) at a later time. (I did write some problems using that notation so some children may begin using the symbols now. It just depends on how ready they are for that step.) Check out the pictures below for some examples.

You will notice that your child's homework is still adding only 1-digit numbers. Our homework is always related to what we do in class but is never as challenging. We want homework to be an easy review of skills for students. Eventually, you will see some of the 2-digit problems showing up on the homework - once we have had more experience working this type of problem. You can always increase the challenge of your child's homework with problems on the back of the page if you would like.

This is a way that you can draw the blocks to use this system at home.

Then we tried to solve the same kinds of problems using our iPads.

Reading ~ Read a good book or two.
Math ~ Home Link 5.5 Domino Addition

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