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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Commenting on Blogs

While our crew is very good at adding posts to our blogs frequently, we have not been as good about commenting on each other's posts and answering questions about our own posts. I wondered if that might be because we didn't remember how to do this so today we took some time to review how to do this and to actually make comments on each other's posts. Commenting on blog posts is important because:
  • comments let blog writers know that they have an audience which is a powerful motivator to write and to make sure the writing is clear
  • comments begin conversations between writers about ideas that they share or wonder about
  • it is a great way to improve communication skills
  • it is fun to read and write comments
Be sure to stop by our Kidblog page and leave some comments for the crew, too.  They will appreciate knowing that they have an audience out there. Remember that I will have to approve all comments before they will appear so don't worry if you don't see your comment immediately. This keeps away all of the spam/advertising type comments that can sometimes appear on blogs.

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