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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Make My Design

We learned a new game using shapes called "Make My Design". The premise of the game is simple. One person creates a design using blocks behind a file folder "wall" and then tries to get the other partner to create the same design by using only words (no hand gestures) to describe how to place the blocks (neither partner can see what the other is doing because they have a file folder set up between them - see the pictures below).

This is a huge exercise of the communication skills. The crew thought that this was going to be very easy but that turned out not to be true. After playing for a little while and hearing several of the students who were giving directions feel frustrated, we regrouped to talk about what was happening. We had the students watch Ms. Wendy and I play a game in the middle of our group circle and talk about what they saw us doing and why. We talked about how to give very explicit directions but the biggest point we made was that the game wasn't over once you revealed the designs. This was when the hard part began. We asked them to talk to each other to think of other ways that they could have given their directions once they saw what each other was doing. Again, quite an exercise in communication and critical thinking.

Reading ~ Read a good book or two.
Math ~ Home Link 7.3 Polygons

We have library tomorrow. Please help your child remember to return his or her books.

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