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Friday, September 16, 2016

Reading Fluently

We have spent the last few weeks learning strategies or tools to help us decode or figure out words that we don't know.

While we will still continue to practice these strategies, our new focus is on reading fluently. Fluency is the ability to read in a smooth, flowing, connected way. This includes reading with expression and reading at a conversational pace. Reading fluently is important because it directly impacts reading comprehension. When we can read fluently we understand what we are reading better. We will work on reading in phrases rather than word by word (robot reading), reading at a "just right" speed - not too fast and not too slow, reading with expression (showing emotion when reading) and using punctuation marks as a guide to how our voice should sound.

Rereading helps with reading fluency a lot. Each time we reread a story or book, we get more fluent. It also helps to listen to a more experienced reader read fluently to get the feel of how reading should sound. So family read alouds, bedtime stories and audio books are great to use.

Reading fluently is another reason why we need to help our kids make good book selections. If they are choosing books that are too hard, they will not read fluently and will read word by word (robot reading). Then they will not deeply understand the book that they are reading and will feel frustrated with reading. So encourage your child to read easy or just right books to help with fluency and comprehension. Also encourage them to reread a story or parts of a story to make it sound more fluent. Make practice fun by showing them how reading sounds when you read to fast or too slow. After the giggles stop, see if they know what you should do to correct your reading.

Arts and PE
Our Arts and PE class next week is Performing Arts (formerly called Music).

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