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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Home Learning

Yesterday we had a great math problem that we were working on as our warm up activity.  Here is a photo of the problem:

I thought we might stop after the  first page of questions above but the crew was still engaged in thinking about this problem so we continued and worked on some of the questions below.

We eventually began making a chart to keep track of our thinking. We were looking to see if we could find any patterns in our numbers that might help us know how many blocks we would need without actually drawing the steps. We noticed that the number of blocks we added each time was the same as the step number we were on - when we were adding step 6, we needed to add 6 blocks.

This was pretty high level thinking for us and we were really enjoying the problem. So I challenged the crew to work on this problem on their own at home that night to see if they could figure out how many blocks we would need to build 10 steps. A couple of the crew took me up on that challenge and brought in a paper to share their thinking with us.

One more member of the crew also worked on this problem during Exploration Stations and figured it out, too.
I love that they were so engaged with this problem. They are really becoming mathematicians.

One other example of home learning last night is this Lego bald eagle that was inspired by our study of symbols of the United States.

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