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Friday, August 9, 2013

Crew News August 9, 2013

Another busy day. We had school pictures, we went to the Kindergarten rooms and picked up our drums, and we visited with Mr. Eric about stewardship in the cafeteria - all of this along with some reading, writing and math. It was too busy to even take a picture. So below are some more photos of activities we did yesterday.

Learning how to do the math jobs that are part of being a teacher's helper

Our math lesson yesterday was a team building activity. Each table group was given a bucket of pattern blocks and asked to create a team design or picture. They could not just divide the blocks and make their own things. They had to work hard to talk about their ideas and who would do each part. They did a great job of working together. Ask your child what his or her group created.

At one of our break times, we all gathered in the classroom library to look at books. This was a nice bonding/getting to know you time for our crew.

We ended our day with a little writing about how our summer went. We only had a few minutes to get started so we finished those writing pieces today.

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